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Daniel Eatock: Pens Paper

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A mesmerising kaleidoscope of pages documenting two decades of compulsive practice. 

British artist and designer Daniel Eatock creates work about the recording of actions. A compulsive serialist, Eatock's most recognisable work configures paper and felt-tip pens, leaving time to do the rest. 

Pens Paper explores Eatock’s action-based approach to producing work focused on instruction, participation and simple gestures, augmented by the most democratic of materials, pens and paper. Combined with time and chance, the simple act of putting pen to paper results in abstract fields and markings that reveal beautiful, kaleidoscopic, bleeding constellations.

Eatock's eccentric observations mingle image, language, miscommunication, subversion, open systems and participation. He is very much a visual explorer but manages to harness his curiosity with reduction, logic and objectivity.

Hardcover Swiss bound with exposed stitching, this is the first publication dedicated to surveying Eatock's absorbing pen and paper works. Including an insightful essay by Cranbrook Art Museum director, Andrew Blauvelt.

Also available as limited edition with an original Daniel Eatock artwork.

304 Pages
150 × 215 mm
Edition: 1000
Essay: Andrew Blauvelt
Design: Mark Gowing at Formist Studio
ISBN: 978-0-9875268-0-9
2014 FE008